off to a good start

okay we’re off to a great start…

together Mr. C and me — we’ve started :
our exercise,

or Bible reading in 6 month schedule

& no junk food

so far, i feel better, slept better, down 6 lbs (i know i know.. blame it on water weight.. or the fudge the night before we started hehe)

I’ve got my plan for starting book #2, and weirdly enough we made a list of things to accomplish and we already crossed one off the list! (getting our bed frame up & bedroom painted)

I’m excited to get a few things in order and let God use this year as a stepping stone for our future.  It’s our time to re-cooperate from the past 5 years of being pregnant (I say we b/c Mr. C added extra pounds too lol), to get us in order to decide about schooling in the fall and to decide how business is going to go the next few years.

I’m thrilled and “pumped” to make these baby steps and hope to keep my spirits up through this journey, relying on God’s providence and grace through it.

I hope you’ll be blessed this year as well!

Bottle time.  More later!


7 responses to “off to a good start

  1. Wow, such a beautiful blog header! Happy New Year to you! I popped over from Danielle’s place and thought I’d say hi. Sounds like your New Year is off to a great start.


  2. Hi! Thanks for dropping by my blog!
    I used the map for plotting my walk after I got home – just to see the mileage. I am keeping track of all my mileage this year – walking, skating, and running!
    I am hoping to get pregnant so any weight I can lose now will help!

    I see on your side bar you are keeping track too – you’ve biked 20k! Good for you! You are inspiring me! I love your blog. It is nice to “meet” you – I will be back later to look around more and “get to know you!”


  3. Thank you so much for stopping by my blog today! I am so glad you did so, come back often! I remember having a bunch of preschoolers! I still do but now my older children can help. I am still sleep deprived though! It is all worth it though!
    Kristine aka MamaArcher

  4. Baby steps are a great start. But sounds like you made a huge step loosing weight – wow!

    We see where the Lord is leading – no jumping ahead this year. I hope He can control me 🙂

    Blessings to you and yours in 2008 and beyond.

  5. Wow, you’re off to a fantastic start for 2008. I’ll be back for another visit.

  6. Baby steps is all it takes to make huge changes! Great job!

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