Safety Record – How are you doing?

So, with my mom being ill the past week, I got to thinking about how this was the second or third episode this year for her, with her uncontrollable pain. I got thinking, we should post a “safety record” award for her as something fun about it, so that it would remind her to keep herself safe. Than I got to thinking about other “safety awards”.
Some signs say:
Company X has gone __ days without accident.
I wonder if that would work for Miss E’s potty training?
Than I thought, what about my heart. How many “safe days” has it had? I mean you can look it at two ways right?

1. How many days have I cheated and ate food that wasn’t good for my physical heart?
2. How many days have I not kept my heart safe by nourishing it with God’s word? I think as a mother of many it is so easy to neglect myself sometimes; which in return really is bad for the whole family. I want to have “safety days” so I think my goal for the new year is to do that. Have a safety record for my heart.

Are you interested in keeping yourself safe? How many days have you gone without an accident? I think the only way is to work on staying in God’s word and not going off track and forgetting to read. (Yes, I’m talking to myself.) No matter how little or much you read it has to be done to keep ourselves safe. As the sign above says, “Accidents are avoidable”


4 responses to “Safety Record – How are you doing?

  1. This is a great post and a great reminder!
    Keeping myself safe should be on the top of my priority list and yet sometimes I don’t know if it is!

  2. Great post, Amy! I definitely need to think about how “safe” I’m being!

  3. Great post! I will keep my mind on the task at hand and try very hard to be very safe!

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