Amusing moments for Tuesday

my computer seems to be having issues here today. I don’t think it’s wordpress, but it seems to be my provider (I think).
anyhow, amusing moments for Tuesday:

Here’s how the conversation goes.

Miss H.: Mom can we have some cereal
me: sorry honey, we’re out of milk, we have to wait til daddy comes home
Miss H: Can’t you make any?
me: No, do I look like a cow?
Miss H: (looks down at my breasts; i’m sure remembering our many conversations about babies getting milk from their moms)… NO…
me: Do we have any cows?
Miss H: We own all of grandpa’s cows.
Me: no, those are grandpa’s cows, and they don’t give us milk; they make hamburgers.
Miss H: Are you sure, those baby cows eat something from their mommies, don’t they? Do mama cows drink milk too?

And the conversation goes on and on… those little wheels were sure turning in her head yesterday.


One response to “Amusing moments for Tuesday

  1. Out of the mouths of babes as trhey sa! LOL!

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