a switch?

I’ve been debating make a switch out of blogger to wordpress… anyone know what they like the best??? or is there something out there better? or they like blogger best?
I’ve been on facebook for a while now, and I don’t think i particularly like it…. thoughts comments?


One response to “a switch?

  1. Well, i have blogger and 2 wordpress, a myspace and a facebook.

    MYSPACE is no good, i mean you meet lots of people but its slow and everything needs a bunch of clicks and pages to load… wastes your time. And very often they are having problems and nothing works at all.

    FACEBOOK doesn’t really have blogging options does it? I’m new there so dont really know all about it yet except that i love the fact that I’ve found over 30 old school friends and 4 cousins! Most within hours of signing up! That’s great 🙂

    WORDPRESS is great, i love the stats page and that you can have community with other bloggers, through the dashboard features and the main wordpress page. The only thing I dont like so much is the limitation of not being able to use Javascript but that can be solved by paying a fee and getting your blog hosted on your own server.

    BLOGGER is great too, i like being able to add widgets using Javascript and being able to modify the templates. The only thing i find lacking is the stats feature… is there even such a thing? And the uploading of images is not as user friendly and personalizable as WordPress’ one.
    There is also no community page like on wordpress.com where you can see other blogspotters and what about searching blogger for other blogs? I have not found such a feature yet, have you?

    That’s my experience so far. I had a LiveJournal too once, but that was just too confusing! Didn’t enjoy it at all.

    My favorite for tools and widgets is Blogger, but for look and feel and community, i like wordpress best.

    How do you find them after this switchover?

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