rebellion & broken

You know it’s a sign to go home when leave for care group, the location changes, nobody tells you & you’re the leader! You show up at the last location mentioned and the van door falls off!!! I’m serious! The whole door fell off… ever since we got it back from SGI it’s had issues –the whole van I mean. The front passenger side underneath, the seat belt (which we had just replaced after before the accident), the interior had to be fixed (since SGI didn’t bother), the keys for driving it have yet to work properly, and now the door has fallen off! Talk about crappy service… isn’t it nice to know I pay insurance to get crappy work done? Not to mention have almost paid more now in repairs than my van is worth? And I thought the worst insult to injury was when my adjuster accused me of stealing my own DVD player & the fact that I was trapped in my house for 40 days w/o access to a vehicle..

Okay, now throw in a sleeping 1 year old, a 2 year old who is tired, and an extremely temperamental 4 year old who is throwing and screaming at us b/c we’ve decided to go home and doesn’t understand we can’t go to care group b/c it’s not safe to drive in the van… I mean screaming… top of the lungs, kicking the back of the seat and now has woken up the 1 year old… eventually starts throwing her shoes at her daddy’s head and than her stuffed animals!
For all the parents out there… forms of discipline you use in this situation? I know i”m in for a challenge with her. She is strong willed, hot headed and determined to rebel against me.. or is it just the 4’s??? I really don’t know what to do with her. She is so nice to others when we’re out, and she really is sweet, but when the attitude flairs up she gets inconsolable… how do you calm someone down who is like that? She is an extremely bright child. We’ve tried explaining to her what’s happening (she usually understands), we’ve told her to stop screaming and take deep breaths, we’ve taken toys away, we’ve put her in the corner when we’ve gotten home, we’ve stopped the van and moved to the side of the road until she’s stopped.. nothing seems to work… I would love to know what others have tired and what’s actually worked… I know consistency is the key… I just am trying what I need to be consistent with! lol

Anyhow, praying for a better day today! Mr. C made coffee and fresh bran muffins before he left for work.. even let me sleep in an extra 20 minutes! I feel blessed this morning! Praying it continues to a happy weekend!


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