what a weekend!

The may long weekend is over and we survived it with not too much fatalities! lol

The kids had a blast at their aunty’s wedding; I on the other hand am just plain tired. Glad to have survived. It was a beautiful wedding and honestly I can say the only wedding I’ve ever cried at (must be the old age thing on my part). Seriously though, a very lovely wedding and I’m glad to have been there. It was a little weird watching Auntie Kitty go down the isle. I still remember her being 7 years old.. you know, certain memories get stuck in your head of a person… which is probably why I cried. She is the closest person I’ve had to having a sister and watching her grow up throughout the years into a woman has been amazing…I’m just praying for God to bless their marriage through out the years.

Anyhow, since I missed my scrapbooking days today, I thought I’d post some pictures of the wedding anyhow.. my kids that is! he he… Miss H was princess the whole time and did a fantastic job at holding her flowers .. a pro.. this being her 3rd wedding… (and yes, I did end up doing her hair)

Master P had fun and enjoyed “getting ready like a big boy” with daddy. Note the watch he’s wearing! It’s daddy’s! 🙂 I do think he looks a lot like his great Opa here. It’s the hair!
Miss E looked beautiful and though she wasn’t in the wedding party was every bit as princess as her sister!And a nice picture of all 3 together. It’s hard to believe they look so big. Miss H is 4, Miss E is 1.5, and Master P is 2.5. Haven sure had a growing spree I didn’t realize she had gotten that much taller! Master P and Miss E almost look like twins.

Today Mr. C grouted the new house floor, and I was on a search for closet organizers for the house. It is slowly coming together… praying for a restful week and my back to ease up still. It has been getting painful again.. or rather continuously and hasn’t stopped much since the morphine has worn off. Pray for my hormones and nerves as it gets closer to the day… I so badly want my kids to know how much I love them and not to be so irritable as I have been lately.

On a really nice note, one of our neighbours came over yesterday and brought presents for the kids, as well as for the new baby. I was thrilled and surprised! A beautiful blanket and outfit for the new baby, which I think we’ll use for brining the baby home.

I did have a good laugh because my inlaws don’t think I can keep a secret. I don’t think they realize I don’t really consider the baby a secret, and if I really wanted to, I could have.. it’s something they’ve commented on with every baby because I have found the sex of the baby out, and it doesn’t bother me to let others know it. I’ve had too many losses (this is my 7th pregnancy), so progress is important to me and I’m excited and all too happy to share it with others…. On the other hand, They don’t know about my big secret happening this weekend coming up!!! It’s a gooder! I’m really excited about it, and half think I’m crazy for doing it at this point, but that’s okay, it all fits into the “plan”.

Anyhow, laundry is done. I’m off to change loads again! How was your weekend? Seriously, I’d really like to know!


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