happy scrap monday

I didn’t get around to doing a page today, but a few people asked how I put words around an image, so i thought I’d give a little explanation. I use Paint Shop Pro X, so if you have that program it’s directly for it, and I’m sure everyone else can probably alter it for their programs.

1. Open up your image: file -> open image

2. Next, I decide on what shape I want to write on the image. For example, for the picture above I’ll use a circle.

  • To draw a circle or ellipse
    On the Tools toolbar, select the Ellipse tool .
    If you want to place the circle or ellipse on the current vector layer, mark the Create on Vector check box on the Tool Options palette. If no vector layer exists, marking this check box creates one for the circle or ellipse. If this check box is unmarked, the circle or ellipse is placed on a raster layer.
  • Placing a circle or ellipse on a vector layer makes it easier to edit.
  • I leave the “fill” empty (your 2nd color) and only have the outline of the circle/ellipse.

3. Decide what words you want to write on it.

On the Tools toolbar, choose the Text tool .
If the Materials palette is not displayed, choose View Palettes Materials.

Once clicked on that, make sure you are on the same layer as your circle. Once the word box is open, the A shape should go on an angle once you are right on your circle. Enter your words and when you hit enter, it should angle around the outer edges of the circle.

Once your words are on, go back to the circle on you “layers” menu and open it up. you’ll see the circle and your text on the same vector layer. In the bottom left corner of the circle there is a little “eye”. Click on it, so it has an X through it. This will make your circle disappear.

and voila! You have words around your image. You can alter your shapes by using different ones your program provides!

I hope this was some help! I”m not very good at explaining, but I hope you could follow it!

Check out more scrap happy layouts at: http://jewlsntexas.blogspot.com/


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