friday friday

mmm lets see.
I had my clinic yesterday. The lab for some reason switched my name from my maiden name (which I have used for a long time) to my married name (which I don’t use, or haven’t used and not planning to use til after the last baby is born..).. so they messed up all my paper work and I have to redo all my blood work. Doctors weren’t very happy with this. Not my fault.
They upped my insulin yet again.. every 2 days if it doesn’t work better it will go up… on a weird point, I had a “flame thrower” and a strawberry Sunday last night .. well half of each for a treat while Mr. C and I went out. and my blood sugar level was the lowest it’s every been.. go figure.. yah for dairy queen hehe… lasagna and spaghetti seem to make it go low as well (though I’m really hungry after those as well).

I think I’ll have some pictures later to post. I’m pretty tired today. Feeling like I’ve got a 100 things to do and no time to do them. Feel a little sorry for myself lately with no real reason other than extra family members who aren’t being nice…

need more coffee… or rather some coffee… bbk in a bit.


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