for those who really didn’t want to see lol

A few people asked for a pregnancy picture. I hate them b/c my belly is always a funny shape. (More rectangle than round.. I assume that’s b/c I’ve got a long torso and the baby has lots of kickback room in there). Anyhow Mr. C took the picture and I edited it… no huge bruises and no face ha ha. Seriously you’d be shocked at how many bruises I’ve got all over if you saw the original (which I’m not posting!) I look like I’ve been in a fight. The nurses said it was b/c of the blood flow of pregnancy and that if I put a little pressure on it after the needle that it should help prevent it.

This is probably the first time that I actually look pregnant as all the old ladies in the supermarket were saying “good luck” too me as I walked by.. either I looked really sore all wobbly or very pregnant, instead of just looking like I’m really fat (I am so swollen.. my ring size normally is a 6.5 and I’m wearing a 9 right now and it’s tight!!!)… this was at 32.5 weeks and I’m measuring still about 3 weeks ahead.

on a funny note. Miss E had to get a french manicure when I was doing my nails the other day. (she’s 21 months now) she sat perfect for it. Pretty darn cute and it’s amazing how many people noticed them! I on the other hand have to redo my nails, but that’s okay!

still editing a couple pictures for my photography site … they’ll be up later.
Happy Friday.
I hope everyone has a great weekend! 🙂


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