Test Run

My sil is getting married in about 2 weeks and Miss H and her cousin are the flower girls. I was debating taking her to the hair salon to get it done, but my issue is; I’m going to spend say $50.00 for somethingI can do myself in half the time and at least if I buy the product than I get to keep it… call me frugal.. or if it’s the girly girl in me taking over I’m not sure.
Anyhow, here are some pics of the practice ‘Do . This was done in only 10 minutes, no product, just some bobby pins; so I figure I can do it for the wedding on the girls.. more bobby pins, some hair mud/wax and some spray for a nice pretty up ‘Do. Throw on some pretty bobby pins or a tiara and we’ve got princess! In the bottom picture you can see the hair knotting that I did. I’ll probably do 4X more in the actual run of it. But it was pretty easy. Not sure how long Miss H will actually be able to sit and this way she can run around in between; take a breather and not frustrate anyone but me lol. I think Miss E can wear the pearls on her head.

In other news, the nurse upped my insulin again yesterday afternoon. My new shirts are getting shorter by the minute.. I’m going to be wearing dresses as shirts (though Miss H already thinks I am) shortly.
Braxton hicks have commenced and a really sore back, though having a really hot shower before actually let me sleep for the first time in over a week, so praise God for that.
I’ve packed up the play room yesterday.
The basement floor is going in today!
Will empty out the laundry room tonight and drop off the rest of our flooring to the new house.

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