Little Children and blessings

Can I just say how blessed I am.
Miss H decided today — all on her own; no prompting — that she would like to draw pictures to send to the children who had no toys (I talk to her about donating toys to the orphanages)
She has sat down and colored so many pictures, and was really excited to help them.
We are now sitting down with a message I’m printing off the computer for them to let them know they are being prayed for and that someone cares about them!
I’m just thrilled that she’s been thinking about this and that her heart is so generous (in her 4 yr old way).

In other interesting subjects… God has been doing some interesting things in our lives lately.
– I wanted to phone one of our pastors about the church having a garage sale ; it was posted in the bullitin the next day.
– we talked about selling our house to my brother; a realtor that we have been talking to called 5 minutes afterwards (yes, it was a good thing)
– I contacted a Ukrainian orphanage to find out their needs about a month ago, in the mean time ordered myself a new camera with my airmiles… when I got the letter back from Orphanage he said they would like a digital camera on their list… how funny is that.. the day after I ordered the new one and I was thinking what I could do with my old one (other than keep it and hoard 2 cameras lol)

Which brings me to my big projects for this week.
1. Get the house cleaned out as we hope to list our house on Monday.

the more important one:

To all my family and friends:
As a family Mr. C and myself have decided to pick an organization that we feel deserves above and beyond regular charity work. We have picked The Orphans of Kharkov.
Did you know

  • that the orphanages in Ukraine are so overflown with children that they are sending them to Poland now?
  • only 5% every make it to have a decent life?
  • very high statistics of suicide and being sold into the sex trade, or ending up in jail?

We, as a family would like to help them in a small way that we can. We are specifically going to try and work with an orphange that has 60 children (20 girls and 40 boys). The age ranges are between 14-17. We choose older children because they are the least likely to ever be adopted and once they are kicked out, unlike our social services, will not have any social assistance and help as we do.

We feel it is extremely important to show these kids that someone cares about what happens to them, even if we can’t make a “huge” difference, they can have a little hope.

We would like to encourage and invite our friends and family to donate new items, or monatary means to help.

We are collecting (new items only):

  • school supplies (pens, pencils, paper, binders, staplers, rulers, etc.)
  • clothing
  • *** winter gear as it is expensive over there
  • toys (many have never had any or have only had 1 in their whole childhood)
  • universal cames (like cards)
  • bags to make up individual packages

and other items that we feel would help these youth.

If you are one of my internet friends and want help out, check out the website, or feel free to order from my online store and I’ll be donating the profits from it to there.

If you are my family or friends and would like to help out, next time your out shopping and see a sale, pick up an extra something you’d buy for your own kids… these children have nothing.. what is an extra $5.00? I’ve come across great sales on sweaters for 2 or 3.00 a piece… toques, mitts, gloves, scarves… they’re all on sale now …. most under $2.00… or if you aren’t a shopper, donate a few bucks and I’ll pick the pieces myself or put it to shipping… if you’d like to help pack up the stuff, write letters to the kids (who wouldn’t like an encouragement from someone???), or pray. Please let me know! We would love the help. Ultimately I’d like to make 70 individual care packages to make sure everyone is covered.

I know some of my family is thinking “you guys are crazy!” The thing is… how much money do we waste on a cup of coffee or candy or going out to eat.. just one of those meals would give these children a lot of things we take for granted. So what’s missing out on one coffee or two at Timmy’s to buy someone something they will use for years (like a pair of mittens??)

Anyhow, that’s my plea! Thanks for visiting my blog today and hope that you feel encouraged and blessed by how much God’s given you and your family!



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