(digi kit by A. Teets)

We did have a warm week, so a friend and I attempted to take the children to the park the other day. I was a little hesitant on the phone when she offered to go with me, but the kids needed the fresh air and thus we went! It was a cold 20 minute walk, played for 5 minutes before everyone was covered in mud and wet and a really cranky 20 minute walk back.. Miss H was screaming she had to go potty, but yet could stop and splash in every puddle we past… Master P wanted to be carried b/c Miss E was being carried… oh the joys.. and to think I wanted to work in a daycare .. I seem to have my own now don’t I? … fun though.. hehe… the kids didn’t want to leave, but they just couldn’t handle the cold. I think it will be a while before we attempt it again.. most likely after the snow’s gone!


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