Monday Monday

It’s monday morning. It’s been soooo beautiful outside, we’ve been enjoying the weather!
Sunday evening, we had the first bbq of the season! They say record high temperatures! I love it! šŸ™‚ Mr. C took the kids outside and played in the “snow/sludge” for a bit. We also took them to a fun kids playhouse yesterday after church. I don’t think we’d go back.. a little too chaotic for our likings, but I’m glad we got a chance to experience it.

Saturday, Mr. C and I hired a babysitter for the afternoon and went out to play for awhile. We really haven’t ever done that, or at least not enough. We went to a fun restaurant for lunch called the Mongolian grill where they weigh your food before they cook it.. we had a gift certificate for it, so when we were done, it only costed us $5.00! Then we went to Ashley’s Furniture for dessert… yes, dessert… fresh cookies, and a cup of French mocha to go with it, while we started planning out home house features! Mr. C wants to see if the golf store offers any test drives next lol. I know, most are laughing and thinking that’s not much of a date, but hey, there was no screaming, no nagging or tugging on the clothes. We throughly enjoyed it and hope to try something again next weekend!

So, it’s Monday. We’ve had a nice break, and now back to the cleaning and packing that I’ve been doing. I’ve been chucking out stuff left and right. Hope to get more out so we don’t have much to move. We’ve built a smaller house, and the joy of that is that we don’t need to buy a lot to go in it, and we can buy the stuff we actually like – b/c we don’thave a lot of space to fill!

On a very frustrating note, I’m still waiting for SGI to get my van back. It’s been over 40 days of being “trapped” in my house b/c of having no vehicle. SGI blames the car repair place, and the car repair place blames SGI.. honestly I don’t care whose fault it is, just give me my van back! It’s totally unproffessional as far as I’m concerned and SGI is the one responsible for it and they are the ones who need to get it back to me. I’ve had a perfect record – no accidents, no tickets and have always paid my insurance, and this is how they treat valued customers… all I can say is, if we had another place to plate my vehicle, I would! SGI sucks! Okay, now that I’ve let out my frustration on the corporation/gov’t. I need to run….. (I’d drive, but I don’t have my vehicle)…

I haven’t felt the baby move much this week, but I”m trying not to get overly excited b/c I never have felt any of my babies move much. But I do admit it’s getting to me… If I don’t feel more, I’ll be heading over to the doctor in the next day or two just to make sure everything is okay.

This week is going off in a big frustrating bomb! arghhhhhhhhhhhhhh


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