found a van..

so I guess the van was found about 5 blocks over, one of the doors punched in and the stero missing.. not sure if anything else is gone, but at least it was found. My guess is gang related theft. I’ll find out tomorrow when the car impound opens up tomorrow and I can see what exactly was taken and where it was taken… *praying a few things are still there and not totally trashed, like my dvd player and the kids bouncer*
Ironically we’ve had a lot of peace about this. Miss H said to us this morning when we explained to her someone took the van she goes “A bad person took the van? That was really rude! But God tells us to love them, doesn’t he? Maybe we could just let them have the van if they need it so much. Maybe we should pray for them.” and the converstation continued on through out the day as she tried to wrap her little almost 4 year old brain around the situation… when we told her the police found it, she said “Oh that was very nice of them.”
Thank God for our wonderful friend who has offered to watch the kids and lent me her car seat while we clean up the after math of “adventures in trying to date your husband again Nite”

Anyhow, long day. I think everyone is getting sick here… or at least Mr. C and maybe me. An early night and lots of chicken noodle soup I’m hoping will do us some good!
Thanks for the prayers.

The house is “suppose” to be here tomorrow.. yet again…
not holding my breath, but wishing the best!

God Bless!


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