date nite & other misdimeaners

well, we had a lovely time going to Applause Feast and Folly UNTIL we walked out after the show and looked at an empty street… including the spot where our van was parked..

Please pray they either find our van untouched or it’s smashed up well enough for the insurance be useful! (yes, I am laughing)
Just imagine trying to fit 3 babies in the back of a Neon.

Ironically, all my bible study stuff is in there, so I’m praying maybe they’ll get something out of it! A little sad the bouncer and the portable dvd player were still in there.
So, if you could spare a moment, some prayers would be appreciated.

On a side note, the Regina Inn was extremely helpful and paid for a taxi home and got the police on the phone for us. And the show was great!



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