Monday’s musings

I’m glad today is Monday. Probably not a normal comment from me, but I am glad. You see, on Monday, things go back to normal… well, as normal as can be… though Mr. C is gone for a few days to a PIMA convention.

It’s my day of starting the laundry; cleaning the mirrors, going through my favorite blogs.
I started off with Chrysalis; she has an extremely interesting topic on there today

While one might expect humans to receive the news that God is unequivocally
for us as good new, in reality we do not. We have such an inborn tendency to
run our own life and pay our own way that unconditional love is both
unbelievable and terrifying. In short, we want nothing of it

You can read more on her blog! Not mention her previous articles are extemely interesting and encouraging and challenging.

One of my other visits was to My Quiet corner, whom I’d like to lift up her daughter in prayer.

My past week has been a bit rough; and these just a few of the wonderful ladies in the blogsphere that I go for encouragement. The rest are listed in my blog roll.

On an interesting note; or rather part of my rough week; I had my prenatal appointment and was taken of my zoloft; making me not the nicest person to be around. Anyhow, one of my friends suggested a natural alternative… I’m always leary about “alternative” medicine… but being 100% natural I thought at this point it can’t hurt and worst case scenerio it does nothing… anyhow, started it on Saturday and I felt a difference right away… my fog is cleared a bit, and has improved each day… so praise God for that wonderful vitimen!


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