I’m guess I’m not an orginal latchkey kid

I normally don’t write about topics, but I have been thinking about this for a few days now, so bare with me as I bumble through this and work it out.

I grew up in an era where both parents worked.. a sahm was really non-exsistence. I can’t honestly I know of anyone who had one, with the exception of one person.

The term refers to the latchkey of a door to the house. The key is often strung around the child’s neck or left hidden under a mat (or some other object) at the rear door to the property. The term is claimed to have originated from an NBC documentary in 1944, due to the phenomena of children being left home alone becoming common during and after World War II,[1] when one parent would be enlisted into the armed forces, so the other would get a job.

I always thought this really started with my generation, but I guess that is the self-indulgence of my generation isn’t it?

Between 1970 and 2001, the percentage of mothers in the workforce rose from 38 to 67 percent. Compared to 30 years ago, today’s dual-income parents put in one additional month of full-time work each year. So what are the realities that parents and their children face when it comes to balancing work and family?

While I considered being a latchkey kid normal; I do look back and see the concequense of it, which I do not want to pass onto my children – depression, lack of attatchment, fear of abandonment.. These fears I carried, and still carry with me and have to work through…

ah the 80’s of decadence and self were a hit and the children were left to fend for themselves.. not because of lack of money, but because of too much (in my opinion). . the greed of it all… where farris bueller’s desire for stardom, and madonna’s cry for “papa don’t preach” came about… Is it really any wonder the work ethic and the lack of family values has gone way down? Who parented us? Who showed us what was right and wrong? Our roll models were pretty messed up.

I know many places are offering after school programs and Giving Latchkey Kids an Alternative
But doesn’t that take the responsiblity of parenting away from us? If we’re relying on gov’t to take care of our children, why are we having them? What’s the point?

Why are we working so hard? What are we really gaining from it? We are disposing of our incomes on worthless things, while our families suffer.

I know several of us followed the “30 days of nothing” and some even participated in it. I look at this with awe, and look at my life… there is nothing “physical” that I lack… and people wonder why we look at geothermal and more natural ways to survive; do they think all there is to life is work? I mean I know it’s a rehetorical question… yes, most people do; they don’t understand my desire to raise my family. to know my family. to give more than “things”.. to help children who don’t have what we have (orphans I mean..) .. and I have a hard time with it some days because I “like” things. But they don’t bring me happiness or joy.

So far I’ve learnt for the most part “technology” has made our society fat and lazy. It has destroyed us more than helped us. It has put porn willingly in our homes, schools and libraries; making affairs easy to the married and hard for anyone to stay sexually pure. It brings the lack of willingness to get to know the person next door to us and focus more on the “unreal” and get lost in the fantasylands of chat rooms…. the epidemic of ahdd (or is that more people are being diagnosed who really are just unsatisfied with their lives b/c they aren’t doing anything worthy of calling a life?)Is there satisfaction in pushing a button ? or only more stress and lack of recognition when we really do something phenominal. more back pain… the list goes on

Anyhow, I know I digress in this issue…

I guess I’ve just been taking it to heart lately as I think where I want my family to go and how children younger and younger get on computers and video games; how the obesity of our society is ~ pardon the pun ~ expanding at large rates… How I have to even “control” my own computer time and other “fancy schmancy” games or appliances that really don’t add value to my life…

And people wonder why we’re moving to a farm; in a smaller house and want animals so we can be outside more….

No, I’m not perfect; I’m just tired of the rat race and wanting to offer my children more than competion with the Jones.. I want to offer… no, have them experience life to the fullest… a life with “real” purpose.. instead of living in the fantasy realm of movies, technology and gluttony…

okay.. of my rant box.

If you lasted this far. Thanks.


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