Update on my stepdad

I recieved an email from my mom today:

Just to let you know that Doug is in the Hospital. I don’t know how long he will be in there. He refused to come home, after the chemo therapy, as he couldn’t lift himself from chairs, etc. He needs assistance to get around and some physio-therapy to get his muscles stronger.

The first dose of chemo shrunk his liver in half, which is exactly what they wanted it to do – it also healed part of the spot on the rectum.

The second dose of chemo has left him very weak. The doctor said that his jaundice is looking better, and his enzyme count is going down, which is a good thing. His sodium level is low, as a result of the second dose of chemo and his adima is up somewhat.

His next dose of chemo should be on the 17th of October. I assume that the
specialist will give him a weaker dose. Our doctor, said that Doug is
welcome to stay in the hospital as long as he needs to rest for pain management,
after the chemo. It is really a good thing as I really cannot help him too much.

He still needs all of your prays so please keep praying. He loves all of the cards…Thank you all so much. His spirit is very bright…although the body is weak. We love you all. Thank you and remember and without God and our dear loved ones praying for our spirits would be extremely weak.

Thank you all and May the Good Lord Bless and Keep you All,
Just a Quick Note to Let You Now that Doug has received cards from the Netherlands, Malaysia, California, and all across Canada
Thanks so much for your support and love,

Happy Friday! Thanks for the prayers and hope you have a great weekend!


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