my dad showed me this weekend:
My grandma and grandpa in the metis museum! How cool is that?
It’s funny how old things surface!
I had been working on the family tree the past several years and it is very rare that I have a picture of my grandparents together, so this was a delight! My dad recognized several other people in the pictures.

Anyhow, exciting news! Our basement will be staked out and dug this week! I’m soooo excited! Here was come 160 acres!!!!!

It’s snowing today too… But the outside of the house got stucko’ed yesterday (current house) so I’ll have to take a picture if it stops snowing shortly!

Mount washmore is killing me… all of my socks disappeared… seriously… I actually went out and bought a few pairs b/c I can’t find any!

I’m feeling very tired today, but good. I think there was something making me sick (getting headaches) but it seems to have gone away since we left for the weekend.

Mr. C and myself had our anniversary on Sunday. Married 12 years ago! So hard to believe. God has truly blessed us, and changed us from that starting point. I don’t think anyone would have believed we’d make it over the past few years!

We had a nice visit with Greg’s brother and his family. The competition was high between Miss H and Master P and their cousin.. lol they are all within a few months of each other.

I didn’t get around to “in other words” today. I’m sorry I didn’t! I enjoy doing those!

Okie Dokie! going to try and accomplish some things!


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