I just saw the most wonderful thing today, you know the moments that make parenting worthwhile. We had are precious niece over for the day. She is right in the middle of Miss H and Master P! so almost 3… anyhow, you could feel the competition in my house today.. it was very energetic and I was a little worried about Miss H b/c she is a very serious girl and wants to be loved so much… anyhow, at the end of the day Grandma came to pick our niece up and Miss H, who in her all exclusive mine 3 yr old way, says “here C“, and gives her a princess crown that she just got that morning from my brother…
Miss H. shared! without being asked to! With out being told. I actually had tears in my eyes. After they left, I told miss H that I was extremely happy that she shared so nice.
She looked at me and said “I know I’m big and I have lots, and C doesn’t have a crown, maybe I can get her a princess dress another day too!”

You see, in Miss H’s mind C is her cousin. So she loves her. She belongs to her. . They gave each other hugs and kisses and even earlier said they were bestest friends. It just blesses my heart to see my daughter show love and embrace her cousin (who she only sees once a year.. so 3 X in her 3 yr old life).. knowing that she is her family.

Isn’t that the way God see’s us? He knows us, even if we don’t “visit” with him as often as we should. He knows us by name. He knows we belong to him. He calls us by name and welcomes us with open arms and wants to be our “bestest” friend.

Thanks for shining a light on the “little joys” in my life Lord. I love you.
Thanks for being my bestest friend.


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