Happy October

Well, today is the 2nd day in October! Where did the time go? It feels like it was just June and I just began writing on here. I’ve been enjoying learning to write again.

As a gift to all my wonderful friends here is a new digi kit!


I know for most of my American friends, thanksgiving isn’t until Nov, but here it’s this weekend, so I thought I’d make a little kit!

If you enjoy digi scrapping check out: http://www.rakscraps.com/ one of my favorite places to go!

Kids say the funniest things:
On our way home from church Miss H is wiggling to much in her booster seat and the yanks the shoulder strap loose..
she starts screaming! “Daddy stop the car! You need to fix my seatbelt!”
I turn around and look and it’s across her like it’s suppose to be, just not connected ~ nothing really serious. We’re in the middle of traffic, so we can’t stop at that moment.
So Mr. C says “It’s okay honey, we’ll fix it soon”
and Miss H says “Dear Jesus, keep me safe so I don’t fly out the window! Amen.”

question of the day: How did/do you teach your children about God? What kind of quiet time do you have for yourself? And if you’re married, do you do devotions with your spouse?

Well, mount washmore has built up again! I’m off to do another load and try to get organized!

Have a great Monday.


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