God’s in the little things

My family. What little things in there I see of God:

Miss E. – It’s easy to see God in my littlest one. The wonder & joy of her expression.

Master P. – Oh my commical little man. I truly believe He’s God’s sense of humor in my life. It’s funny because I always call Miss E. God’s sense of humor b/c she was a surprise (only 10 weeks ppd from Master P.) but Master P lives up to his first name Izaak meaning “laughter” he brings that to our house all the time.

Miss H. – Miss H has been my most precious gift from God. Not that she is any better than my other babies, but she was my miracle… the lowest part of my life and she was an answer to my prayer, though I was really freaked out at that moment.. through her, God brought my life back to Him.

When all 3 of them are sleeping, the look on their faces; the special moments that tell me someone loves me and has given me a wonderful gift; their jokes; and their lessons I get taught daily about how selfish I am;

Mr. C – I don’t know of a man more loving and patient than Mr. C. He’s been broken and hurt by me more than I care to admit. He loves me even when I was unloveable. I fall in love more and more with him each day.

Anyhow, those are little glimpses of my little things this week. It’s been a long week; we seem to be struggling with staying healthy and I’m feeling somewhat drained.

God is good.
Happy Friday!


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