Foggy Friday (couldn’t think of anything else to call it haha)

I know cwo is doing blessed by a blogger today, and it’s the first week in September (full week anyhow) so I’m doing my Blessing award!

Iris has a great blog! I find her posts funny, and full of inspiration!

If you have a moment, stop by her place and let her know how blessed you’ve been by her and her comments and blog!

Thanks Iris for the encouragements, and being a vessle for God, even when you didn’t know God was using you to work at my heart stings… or strings hehe.


On a more serious note. My step dad is getting worse. His liver is not functioning properly, and chemo is being put off for 3 weeks til the swelling goes down. The doctors aren’t being encouraging towards him, so if you could take a moment out and pray for him and my mom. they basically said his liver is 50% covered in tumors, and there isn’t any hope of it going away. His birthday is tomorrow, so we’re going to spend the day with him, trying to see if we can brighten it a bit.

God is bigger than this; and it’s like the post we worked on a few weeks “opportunity lies in the middle of difficulty”. I know God is going to use this. Whether it is to open our eyes and hearts, I’m not sure. But I do know God’s in control.

Thanks to everyone who has already sent a postcard. Doug (my step dad) has been tickled pink with them, as I haven’t told him I was doing that and he’s recieved one even from the Netherlands! I’d also like to thank for the wonderful articles that I have been able to pass to my mother, and the links on cancer, which was a HUGE help and encouragement for Doug.


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