Monday Moments

It’s monday from the long weekend. I’m tired. We have been painting our house for the past 3 days. We painted our front door a lovely shade of royal blue, only to have our 2 yr old scratch it with chalk the moment it was put up. “Now praise the Lord! We have a son who has 2 hands that he can use and are fully functional, right?” Believe it or not, that was my take on it. I am full of graditude this week for several reasons. Most of all, I’m working on the little things. I’m grateful that we have more enough in our lives of everyday things.

I was reading that My Quiet Corner, and I think momrn2 summed it up quite well when she said

“I am entering a new way of living. Not just because my schedule is
changing, but because my heart has changed in the process. The working of the
Holy Spirit to shape me into He wants me to be has far more worth and value than any home, schedule, job, budget, or anything else could have! “

This is soooo me right now. My heart is changing…. was thinking “out with bad, in with the good” sort of attitude at the moment… by nature I think of the bad first, but I’m really working on being more positive about things and giving them to God instead of holding onto all the hurts.

And so goes my understanding of little things… dear Lord, please help me see the wonderful things in the “little things” this week. How I marvel at your works around me. Help me to see them with new and loving eyes.


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