God is in the little things

My vision for September is to journal more of my journey with Christ. I want to experience Him in EVERYTHING. Not just the “big” events. I want to “be joyful always” in the things I do, and the people I see.
So, for the next 4 weeks I will put a theme for the week:
week 1 – in our everyday living

week 2 – in our neighbours
week 3 – in our family quirks
week 4 – in ourselves (how do we show Christ to others?)

I want to be able to uplift my life to the Lord and notice the wonderful things he had done around me and say “how can God not be here?”I will be posting the topic reminder on Mondays, and posting my journel writing/drawing/whatever happens on Fridays.

Will you join me in this journey of becoming a little closer to God in the small things?

hehe, now that I’ve written this down and am about to publish it, means I need to be committed to this. I will not fail in growing. God has something to me through this.


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