faithful friday!

Well, it’s friday!

The kids and I went to my brother’s house yesterday and they had a blast! We met his sil from Mexico. She was such a sweetie! Miss H kept was convinced it was her aunty and didn’t believe me when I told her it was someone else! lol too funny.. they fell asleep the moment we left!

Miss E has figured out how to go down the stairs, so she’s been practicing all morning laughing her head off going up and down. Mr. P has been busy being a roughhouser.. I swear I’m gonna have to start pushing weights again just to keep up with him.. he’s going to out do me when he’s 3 lol.

I’m still in the debate of what to do with Miss H over school.. to homeschool or not to…. reg or priv. school…. and when should I be starting… trying to figure out my best choices is difficult.

On the home front, we recieved our final house quote last night and it’s great! So hopefully we’ll get started soon and be ready before winter comes! (hehe, around here that means anyday lol)

It rained like crazy last night! We defineately could use it. Anyhow, off to get my coffee, and start some laundry! Have a great weekend! Might be back later with some scrapbooking of the park if I get a moment!


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