Summer’s Here! :)

My beautiful Waterbug!
She’s growing up way too fast!

Crdits for digiscrap page:
Summers’ Here kit by MaryAnn Wise
LO by A Cruson
font: CatholicSchoolGirls

Summer’s here, and almost gone again lol.. boy does it go quickly. It seems like you blink and days disappear. I’m actually relieved about having cooler weather.. I’m a cold weather lover, though I know a bit of sunshine does me good. When I was a child I used to spend months at the beach… actually pretty much from the time I was born til I got married I spent every summer camping/at the beach… and not just a day trip, I mean the full time.. I loved it.. I used to dream about buying a house at the beach and running the camp I used to work at, just so I could live there and enjoy God’s beauty w/o the distractions of life. So, this year Greg & I (or rather Greg, because it was for his birthday) got a tent… a nice one… well, he set it up in the backyard to have a camp out. Mr. P and Miss H went with him; I stayed in the house with little Miss E. She was asleep before the fun even began… so about a 1/2 hour into it Mr. P is in the house b/c he didn’t like the idea of actually sleeping lol.. what a turkey… so we’re working on how do you exactly go camping with babies? We’re going to try again with all of us in the tent; but I don’t know lol I’m kind of scared… will it be crying all night? lol

Okay, onto another thought… there’s been something on my brain for over a year now. I’m pretty sure it’s God tugging on my heart strings. But do you ever wonder where to begin b/c what he wants from you is so big? Bigger than you can even imagine? Or have energy for at this point? I mean I have a 3 yr, almost 2 yr old and a 1 yr old… I don’t have much energy for much other than coffee these days lol… and God has placed this big dish of my deepest heartfelt desires.. and I cry b/c I want it sooooo much but don’t have a clue how to start… and scared that it’s too big for me… what if no one will help me? what if it’s the wrong time? what if everyone things it’s stupid? what if what if what if what if………. (I know, that’s satan talking..)
We’ve recently been watching Bruce Wilkenson’s “Dream giver” series.. and I know what I need to do… but dang lol I feel I’m jumping off the cliff …. and it’s stuck in my mind.. I can’t get it out… so, if you have a moment, I’d appreciate a prayer or two as to having the tools I need to begin this long journey!



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