Fantastic Friday!

What a busy week this has been. We had a great time babysitting our little 6/7m old friend! He was a pure angel… my babies on the other hand, had a few jealousy issues lol… all in all though it was a lot of fun.. interesting to see how life would be with another; don’t think I’m quite ready for that lol.. no rush right? 3 is pretty busy right now! 🙂 It made me feel grateful and blessed for what we already have.

If you would like the word art, you can download it here.
I would love to see how you’ve used it! Please remember to give credit if you use this in your LO’s! Thanks!

So, I was making a word art for my friend Sissy and I got to thinking about the verse that I put on her picture.. the one about the farming sewing seeds in Mark… I don’t think I really ever read it right, or rather applied it to my life as I did this time… I always read it and thought about how to witness to others, but when I was reading it this time, I started to think about how it applied to me…. to me… to me…. dang, don’t you hate it when things hit you in the face? I never really thought of myself being planted on “rocky” ground, but I think I was… when I was faced with my biggest trials, I failed… I mean all and all, I’ve come back, but that was really playing on dangerous ground… I take a look at it now, and think.. boy I’ve come along way from 4 years ago! God has been working so much in my life, I’m not on rocky ground anymore, but I need to be aware of that, so I don’t get “transplanted”… kwim?

On good news, my mom is out of the hospital finally! At the end, we couldn’t get through on the phone even to her.. it really sucked! But she’s home now! Hopefully I’ll get a chance to drive out and visit her soon… lol though, not sure that would help with all the noise we bring with us!

okay, going to my photo blog and going to post a few pics! Feel free to have a look over there too!


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