In Other Words

This quote gave me some mixed thoughts.. first I thought.. well, why can’t I love them all? Why can’t they ALL be beautiful? I’d have a 100 children and I’d think they were all fantastic… and love them all… I’d have lots of animals and love them all….
but I don’t think this quote is talking about, so I got thinking again… perhaps it was about greed… that people with few things treasure them more.. ie. I watch my children with thier toys, and I know that the fewer toys they have, the more they appreciate recieving them, and enjoying them.. they actually play with them. How sad it is that we live in a selfish society.. we can spend frivolously while others go hungry and without… I am trying to teach my children to value things (even though it’s not going well and they’re only 3,2, &1) … to appreciate what they have and be satisfied with; to Thank God for all the things in our lives… I’m trying to learn how value things differently than how I was raised… I don’t want to be the one who dies with the most toys… I don’t think that’s winning… I want to be the generous heart… I don’t want to value “things” I want to value people..

“A generous man will himself be blessed,
for he shares his food with the poor.”
(NIV)Proverbs 22:9

Okay, think I’ve gone in a whole other direction than the quote… so I think I’d better stop!

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