Marvelous Monday!

Okay, I’ve got my run in, working on my coffee. We had a nice weekend, spent mostly outside! The weather has been so nice and warm h ere, how could we not? The pic on the side is from my whatillpretendtobe garden.

We’re babysitting a 6 month old for a few days, so it is going to be an interesting week! Now only if I can manage to tackle mount washmore I’ll be all set! I’m debating whether to combine my photography site with my home one, but still not sure.. anyone have an opinion? (hehe I know, I’m asking myself.. but hey…)

Yesterday’s message at church was excellent. The pastor discussed how God blesses us when we give. We’ve had this happen on several occassions; but mostly it reminds me that I need to be more generous with life; for others… not get so caught up in my unimportant things. So, what are you caught up these days?


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